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Throughout history, God has used foreign culture as a powerful teaching tool.  When we hear new languages, smell different scents, or see other worldviews, it opens us up to how small and dependent we are and how amazing, large, and creative our God is.

Your prayer and financial support is what makes the opportunity to experience this reality a possibility for the individual you are supporting. Thank You for your generosity! 

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Thank You for considering supporting this team as they prepare for this missions opportunity! We are delighted that they have taken this step to serve others in a self-less way. Your participation in their effort will support this team in immeasurable ways and is the key reason they are able to go. In the unlikely event that the team’s trip is canceled or the individual does not attend, we are legally unable to return contributions to the donor. However, please rest assured that it will be used for similar missional activities. If the team raises more support than they need to go, any surplus will assist other teams who might not meet their trip’s goal. Thanks again for your consideration and encouragement of their efforts!
Delighted to join you in serving the world,
Hill Country Bible Church
Global Outreach